Logo of the UNSC

The United National Space Commission, also known as UNSC is an Azelian Government Entity. It is Azelia's space Military Division. The UNSC is owned by the crown and is governed by Admiral Mark Collins. As it is a Military entity it recieves government funds and is a fully weaponised entity.


The UNSC was founded during the 1950s as the ASA, Azelian Space Agency, however, when full starships were able to be made by the ASA, the Azelian Military decided to establish a military entity called the UNSC. This caused riots throughout Azelia as people did not want a military space entity, however, after several years, the UNSC was accepted by the people. The UNSC's seperation from the ASA meant that the UNSC became Azelia's space military and ASA became Azelia's expoloration division.

Present Edit

At the moment, the UNSC is a highly developed branch of the Azelian Military which is in possesion of 5 starships: HMSS Galactic, HMSS Endevour, HMSS Denstron, HMSS Imperial and the HMSS Silverlight.

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