Mazeria has many nations that have been granted or hold titles of nobility, or have been elected to positions of power. Each nation with a title holds a unique ability in running the region.

Titles of NobilityEdit

Astoria Coat of Arms

The Mazerian Royal Coat of Arms.

Title Nation Coronation Date
Emperor Aaron Astoria 7/09/2014
Crown Prince Sacul Astoria
Princess Royal Eleanor Astoria
Crown Princess Cassy Astoria
Prince Fantome Astoria
Grand Duke of Khorossos Thomas Calloway-Astoria 18/10/2014
Duke of Sandstorm Tyras Calidan 18/10/2014
Marquess of Greatclan Tanner Mariari 12/11/2014
Earl of Saculium Sacul Astoria 18/10/2014
Knight of the Grey Star Tyras Calidan

Elected OfficialsEdit

Mazeria Coat of Arms

The Mazerian State Coat of Arms.

Title Nation Inauguration Date
Prime Minister Thomas Calloway-Astoria 29/01/2014
WA Delegate Sacul Astoria 27/01/2014
Foreign Secretary Tyras Calidan
Interior Secretary Tanner Mariari
Culture Secretary Sacul Astoria
Defence Secretary Grigory Ekel
Field Marshal Grigory Ekel
Director of the MSA Thomas Calloway-Astoria
Chancellor of the University Henry Beaufort
Chief Justice TBA
Sr. Associate Justice TBA
Jr. Associate Justice TBA
Citizens Assembly Speaker Eleanor Astoria 27/01/2014
Deputy Speaker TBA
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