• It might be a good idea to implement categories instead of constantly editting the front page. You could easily set up the categories for each of the headers (People, Locations, etcetera) and link those on the front, then have the pages listed in the categories (editted automatically). Would save a load of time, especially when the wiki becomes a bit more popular. 

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    • Thanks for the advice.

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    • How do I link to the categories? An internal link doesn't seem to be working. And is there a way to delete a category? Thanks for your help.

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    • Hmm. I didn't know it would've been that odd to do, but I figured it out. You need to add a colon (:) to the front of the link, like this

      [ [:Category:Nations|Nations] ]

      without the redundant spaces inbetween the []'s. (I added the Nations thingy to the main page)

      Deleting a category I'm not sure of, but it should be enough to orphanise it (make it link nowhere). I just checked, and as soon as no pages link to it it's possible to delete it like a normal page (through the Edit dropdown) hopefully.

      I'll be sure to create a few Kalusian pages soon (probably tomorrow morning)

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    • Oops. That's my other account I used to check. Ah well.


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