The Right-Wing Socialist Party
"The people, are unity!"
Prime-Minister Guandmare


Head of Cabinet

Andrei Eldofski

Sacul Nagrem

Ideology Socialist Libretarian Democracy
Head Quarters Mazeria
Type Regional

The Right-Wing Socialist Party is a smaller political party in Mazeria with three members. Its founder, Guandmare, wanted to make a party with a similar ideology to MUSCAN, but with less Radical Views.


The Right-Wing Socialist Party has 5 positions. These are: The Prime-Minister, The Vice-Minister, The Head of Cabinet, The Head of Foreign Affairs and The Head of Justice, of which, two are occupied. The Prime-Minister is elected every 2 months, as of May 1st 2014. The Vice-Minister is also elected with the Prime-Minister.


The Right-Wing Socialist Party has many Policies:

  1. To expand citizens rights within the empire of Mazeria.
  2. To grant the people a greater say in the court of Mazeria.
  3. To grant everyone in Mazeria the equal oportuninty to have a fair, unbiased trial where they are reperesented.
  4. To keep the power of the king and to remain loyal to the legitimate ruler of the empire.
  5. To grant colonial citizens larger says in the overall manegement of the empire.
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