The Mazerian Assembly was constructed to achieve stability in Mazeria by safeguarding region-wide peace.


In September 2013 Chancellor Batcher of Boreo called upon all Mazerian nations to get together upon the 23rd of September in Lizan, Boreo to discuss the creation of a Mazerian Assembly. He did so because the region had recently been ravaged by several wars, and he wanted to make sure the same thing wouldn't happen again in the future. Of the more than sixty nations in Mazeria, only nine were present at the meeting in Lizan. Although this was but a small number, it contained most of the region's most influential players. There and then they created the Mazerian Assembly, taking turns swearing fealty and honour to the newly formed alliance.

Chancellor Frihip James Batcher


Former Emperor Thomas IV

Those present at the creation of the Mazerian Assembly:

Nation Present at the meeting Current representative
Azelia King Aaron Astoria George Berostone
Boreo Chancellor Frihip Batcher and Former Emperor Thomas Calloway Philip Corrander
Communist Quinntopia Chief Commissar Matthew Vinage
Guandmare President Georgikov Alexi Frekuv Meniv
Luthionia President Sacul Nagrem Frederik Dekelver
Milroman President Milo Lopez Augusto Maldan
Pouksland President Dargan Bülgarov Gregor Yorkalov
RS Dynasty Großmeister Chung
Tannarabia Secretary of State Mira Nïavo-Chasmi, Representative of The People James Vilza and Represenative of Military Affairs Veronica Mariari Amy Lancer


The Assembly consists of two chambers: The Greater Council, in which each nation receives one vote and a Chairmanship that is rotated monthly, and the Security Council, which includes a pool of seven nations chosen at random and changed every six months, which controls the Peacekeeping forces of the Assembly. Each member of the World Assembly has to contribute 20,000 troops to this Peacekeeping force.

The current members of the Security Council are Azelia, Luthionia, Tannarabia, RS Dynasty, Milroman, Communist Quinntopia and Pouksland. Azelia is the President of the Security Council.


The Security Council approved a force of 140,000 Peacekeepers to protect civilian interests and help broker a peace deal during the Mughal Empire's Second Civil War.

Member nationsEdit

Here are the flags of the nine member nations of the Mazerian Assembly, ordered alphabetically.

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