The Imperial Conservative Party
"In the Crown we Follow, In the Military we have Strength!"
Chairman Aaron Cerebella

Thomas Calloway


Ideology Imperialism
HeadQuarters Mazeria
Type International

The Imperial Conservative Party is one of Mazeria's larger Political Parties and currently has a membership count of 3 members. The party is aiming at further increasing the Empire, power of the Monarch and the increase in relations between the motherland and the colonies. As well as this, the party are strong Imperialists, hence the name, and believe in a stronger and more active military. The ICP is an international party and is currently in Mazeria and the British Isles.


The ICP was founded in Mazeria by the current Chairman, Aaron Cerebella. Although the party isn't one of the first in Mazeria, it is an old one as it is an international party in various other regions, however, it does not have an international roster of who is involved to make sure that there is a clear representation of who is in the party in a certain region. 

The region was founded during a time when the ideology of the party were not met by other political parties in Mazeria, so that party was founded upon the foundations of Imperialism and Monarchisitc views. The party had been planned out before the application was submitted to the authorities in charge.


The Imperial Conservative Party has a structure to it to ensure efficiency, order and stability. The structure is as follows:

There is a Chairman who is the founder and leader of the party and is elected every two months via an interparty vote. 

There is a Board consisting of life time members appointed by the Chairman upon the advice of the Secretary of the Eagle.

There is the Secretary of the Eagle, an office which isn't listed in the roster for various reasons. The Secretary of the Eagle is an advisor to the Chairman.

There are the members who are the bulk and main driving force of the Party.

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