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The Grey Mannor, Tzüche

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The Grey Mannor during the presidential elections of 2014

The Grey Mannor (Ret Gru Manda) serves as the house of the president of Pouksland , as well as the official government building in Tzüche where senators, polititians, diplomats and the president gather to discuss and resolve matters from Pouksland and Mazeria as well. It's date of foundation is currently unknown, but some experts believe it must have been built in the early middle ages, somewhere between 1180-1188. It served as house of Orelovi Drevaek , and ever since, as homestead for every president after him. It's currently the house of president Dargan Bülgarov and his family.

The Grey Mannor also serves as a temporal facility for The National Court of Justice when the court cannot hold a high importance case, or the court is temporally disabled, or closed. It's also listed as one of the official landmarks of Tzüche, and as well as one of the most visited touristic sights in Pouksland.

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