Tanya Byardavok
40th Vicepresident of Pouksland
Assumed office
February 28, 2014
Personal details

Tanya Mäku Byardavok
August 13th, 1952 (age 62)
Tüy, Pouksland
Political Party Pouksland National Party (PNP)

Mötoma Hükii
(m. 1985-2007)
Residence Tzüche, Pouksland
Alma mater Pouksland's University of Law and Political Integration
Religion Atheist
Signature [[Image:|250px|Signature]]

Tanya Mäku Byardavok is the current Vicepresident of Pouksland, assuming office under Maltoro Korpekei's turn as president. She lives in Tzüche, Pouksland.

Early LifeEdit

Tanya was born on August 13th, 1952 in Tüy's Hozpitalyi Por Ret Angërek (Hospital of the angels). Born to a Poukslandic father and a Guandmarian mother, Byardavok spend most of her childhood living in two countries. She decided to stay in Pouksland when she was 17, graduating from high school and entering Pouksland's University of Law and Political Integration. She graduated in 1971.

Later LifeEdit

After graduating, Tanya started working as a government official for Tüy, and served for a short time as a judge in The Court of Justice. It's here where she met Mötoma Hükii, another judge. After 10 years of co-working in the court, the two began a relationship; they married 4 years later; which marriage ended in 2007. In 2001, Byardavok left her job as a judge to pursue vicepresidency.


Byardavok joined the Pouksland National Party/Poksrae Azeraeva Unzkriegert (PNP/PAU) reaching for the posts of vicepresident. She first applied as vicepresident for Dargan Bülgarov's campaign, but was beaten in Joanna Gruevek. She later applied for Vicepresident in Maltoro Korpekei's campaign. The candidate was elected and Tanya was elected vicepresident in February 28th, 2014.

Launching For PresidentEdit

Tanya has stated she is planning to launch for president for the PNN/PAU in the 2018 presidential elections.

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