The United Rebel Cities of Pouksropa

Ret Unzkrieg Rëge Troyarek pot Poksropa (Poukslandic)

Unrecognized State
"Under one sight"
"Unta on Sëna" (Poukslandic)
Anthem: "The Five Star's Song" (Unofficial)

"Liberation's Chant" (Most Famous)

and largest city
Tüy, Pouksland
Official Languages English, Poukslandic
Other Languages Spanish, Russian, German
Demonym Pouksropan



Marco Kruvik

 - Declared from Pouksland

September, 2013
 - Total

 - Water (%)

1,058,098 km22

413,078sq mi

 - Total
 - Per capita
2013 estimate
11.59 billion W.
37,009.047 USD
Gini (2013) 17
HDI (2013) 0.920
very high
Currency Widget
Drives on the right
Calling code 71
ISO 3166 code PK
Internet TLD .po

The United Rebel Cities of Pouksropa (Poukslandic=Ret Unzkrieg Rëge Troyarek por Poksropa) is a rogue state created in 2013 which was the main beligerent against Pouksland in the Poukslandic Civil War. Pouksropa's original purpose was to overthrow the existing poukslandic government and establish an anarchy, but the purposes of the nation grew to a full-revolution of Mazeria. The state was dissolved later that year.


Background Edit

The formation of Pouksropa is considered a reaction from the then-going Second Guandmaria-Arkotzan War, which had taken a toll on several poukslandic troops which had been deployed to assist Guandmare. When a cease-fire was set upon, Pouksland would attend the peace-talks to discuss further actions, which had a small negative view from some people. One of them was long time criminal Marco Kruvik, who was known for past critics, rants and slanders about the current poukslandic government.

Marco Kruvik, with the help of mercenaries and others who thought in the same cause organized a series of coups in the southern cities of Totlz, Proyat, Mutve, Tüy and Furrak, taking over it's basic government buildings. A message was broadcasted on mid September, announcing the unification of the cities under the state of Pouksropa.

Attack on Pouksland Edit

Shortly after the coups, Pouksropa declared itself sovereign and free of Poukslandic grasp, and started invading the northern cities of Zarut and Fliks. While invading the middle, mercenary warships targeted the north of the country. Few weeks later, the insurgent forces captured 4 cities, while attempting to take the center of the country.

Foreign intervention from Milroman, Terebithia, Azelia, Boreo, Chiramos and Communist Quinntopia II assisted on repelling the controlling forces, which helped Pouksland reclaim lost territory.

Terror Edit

Pouksland's rising success on recovering grounds caused uncertainty and fear in the rebel cities. In order to quell this fear, Kruvik implanted public executions and threats to civilians to reinforce and grow a strong army. A count of 4000 civilians executed for treason was made in only 3 weeks.

Capture of Kruvik and Dissolution Edit

At the end of October,allied forces targeted Pouksropa with full strength. The cities of Toltz and Proyat were recovered and freed of Pouksropan control. Marco Kruvik was found and executed by a B.E.A.R.S. team. After Kruvik's execution, most of Pouksropan forces surrendered. The 5 cities were back on poukslandic control.

Politics Edit

Government Edit

Unlike other Mazerian countries, Pouksropa was to establish an anarchy, to create a visioned land where people could do what they pleased with no restrictions whatsoever. Despite being considered an anarchy, most forces obeyed orders from the organizer of the revolution, Marco Kruvik.

Military Edit

Pouksropan forces were formed mostly by paid mercenaries, civilians and retired soldiers.

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