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The Pouksland's University of Law and Political Integration (Poukslandic: Poksrae Unevorskava por Latva et Politischka Entegratsyu) is one of the most recognized universities in Pouksland , which focuses on political studies, such as those on law, constitution, political history and preparation on politics.

It's currently located in Sevette, where it was founded in 1836. It is one of the most expensive schools in Pouksland, due to it's inscription fee of 4,000 widgets per month.

Among it's famous graduates there are:

  • Dargan Bülgarov , 39th president of Pouksland.
  • Yosefina Garvosky, famous lawyer and political activist.
  • Kotaro Ñukrevy, secretary of education.
  • Grossgo Ryuka, senator and mayor of Sveidy.
  • Gregor Yorkalov, Pouksland's representative at The Mazerian Assembly.
  • Tora Hyevolov, head judge at the National Court of Justice.
  • Tanya Byardavok , vicepresident of Pouksland.
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