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Portrait of Drevaek, 1199

Orelovi Drevaek (11??-1227) was a Graekurovan trader and general, who leaded the Poukslandic War of Independence in 1198, and was also the 1st president of Pouksland .

Not much is known about Drevaek's life except for a few journals found in his home (The Grey Mannor ) and some records keeped in The National Court

Early LifeEdit

Drevaek was the son of a Graekurovan family who worked on the defunct region of Rütrebey, Graekurov. When the colony of Poksrae was founded Drevaek's family moved in order to farm on the new lands. After the death of his parents Drevaek worked as a weapons trader, until his shop was destroyed by orders of King Buruokav VII, in response to the "Ret Kampagnaya ser Otroye" (Campaign of Otroye)

War Of Independence and PresidencyEdit

On February of 1198, after an attack by order of King Buruokav VII, Drevaek summoned a meeting with civilians, guards and others from Poksrae and convinced them that the king's actions were an outrage. Drevaek assembled a small platoon and attacked and controlled a royal outpost on Poksrae's outskirts. There he openly declared war to Graekurov and began the war for the independence of Poksrae.

When the war finished and Poksrae was declared a seperate state, he was elected as president by the people and built up a new goverment system based on a socialist democracy. 


Drevaek died on 1227 from a fever. His brother, Tortovu Drevaek was assigned as 2nd president according to Drevaek's will.


Drevaek's historical achievement has been recognized over the years as an extraordinary success, especially since he was only a trader. Many fictional heroes have been based on him, and he has been listed as one of Mazeria's greatest heroes.

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