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Mazeria flag

The Mazerian flag.

Welcome to the wiki of the Empire of Mazeria, an emerging power in NationStates! If you are a citizen of this flourishing region, feel free to add and edit pages. Make your own nation a page, along with any important people that live in your country, notable places that are worth a visit, wars that have ravaged your nation in the past, ... anything you think your neighbours want to know about really. 

The Empire of MazeriaEdit

King Frederick I

King Frederick I - The founder of Mazeria

On 8th April, 2013, King Frederick I created the Kingdom of Mazeria. With its founder being closely aligned to major powers in NationStates, it was soon an emerging power. Is grew quickly, to almost 95 nations, before dropping to its current population of 50 nations as of 11th November, 2013. King Frederick passed away in February of 2014, and on 22nd February Crown Prince Matthew Vinage took the Oath of Ascension. He served as Mazeria's King until his abdication on 1st September 2014. He declared that Aaron Astoria would be his successor, and on 7th February Aaron Astoria was sworn in. This brought stability to the Throne, as Aaron Astoria has four children, some of whom have their own children as well. Sacul Astoria is the current heir to the Mazerian Throne.


Map of MazeriaEdit

Here is a wonderful graphic representation of the entirety of Mazeria, each nation depicted by its flag.

Flagmap March '15

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