Maltoro Errye Korpekei
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40th President of Pouksland
Assumed office
February 28, 2014
Vicepresident Tanya Byardavok
Personal details

Maltoro Errye Korpekei
July 22, 1955 (age 58)
Bodar, Pouksland
Political Party Pouksland National Party (PNP)

Danya Borogna
(m. 2006-present)
Residence Tzüche, Pouksland
Alma mater Bodar University of Law and Order
Religion Agnostic
Signature Maltoro sign

Maltoro Errye Korpekei is the 40th and current president of Pouksland, succeding Dargan Bülgarov. Korpekei recently won the 2014 Pouksland presidential elections. He lives in Sevette, with his wife Danya Borogna.

Early Life (1955-1973)Edit

Korpekei was born on July 22nd, 1955 in the higlands of Bodar, Pouksland. Born into a family with economic limitations, Korpekei couldn't attend school until he was 4. After finishing high school, he temporarily worked as a mechanic on his father's workshop, gathering enough money for him to enter the Bodar University of Law and Order. He graduated 4 years after, in 1973.

Later Life (1975-1984)Edit

After graduating, Korpekei struggled with finding a decent job and decided to join the Police on Bodar. He served for 9 years, in which he had received a bullet in the shoulder from a robbery he and his squad had stopped. Korpekei retired and decided to work as a manager on the Bodar Goverment Palace. He began adquiring a taste for politics and decided to work on the Pouksland National Party (PNP) in 1998. Eventually, he decided to launch himself as president.

In 2004 he met Danya Borogna, who worked in his same cabinet at the time. They established their relationship on beginnings of 2005, and a year later they married. She currently serves as First Lady of Pouksland and advisor to the president. He currently has one son with her, Takuwa Korpekei

Iphone360 1114711

Danya Borogna, first lady of Pouksland


Takuwa Korpekei

Campaign for PresidencyEdit

Maltoro Korpekei launched his campaing for president in early 2014, representing the PAU (Poksrae Azeraeva Unzkriegert) (Pouksland National Party). However, during the initial elections he won in a tri-tie with Frederick Yovacker and Jaegel Froyte, to which he defeated in the second presidential elections with a 54% majority of total votes. His presidential period is expected to end on 2018.


Maltoro Korpekei was elected president on February the 28th, 2014 when he won the second presidential elections. 

During his presidential period Pouskland suffered a coup d'etat by an unidentified extremist comunist group during The Grand Conflict, which resulted in a short war with Azelia. As soon as the extremists were arrested, Korpekei returned to power and ended the war, which had barely taken any lifes. He is currently in office.


Korpekei in 2014

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