The Mazerian Union of Socialist and Communist Aligned Nations is one of Mazeria's largest political parties. It was founded by RS Dynasty and Guandmare soon after the passing of the Political Parties Act.

The MUSCAN banner:

MUSCAN Banner 2

General AimsEdit

The general aims of the MUSCAN are the following:

1. To improve the overall treatment of Communism and Socialism in the region, making them both respected forms of political beliefs and reducing discrimination of those who believe in them.

2. To alleviate any discrimination or oppression of the citizen's political and personal rights and freedoms, ensuring and protecting the freedom of the people in the region.

3. To increase the leverage of the citizen by allowing them to have the opportunity to suggest exactly how their region is run and by what method important incidents should be responded with.

4. To shift the overall balance of power in the region from an autocracy to a democracy: reducing (but not abolishing) the absolute powers of the Emperor, allowing the voice of the citizen to have a larger influence.

5. To improve the appeal for the citizen to contribute to the region and to subsequently recognise the citizen for his devotion to the society of the region.

6. To add to the devotion of the region to its interests and culture, making the region a truly great location for the citizen to reside in and making it a renowned subject of awe.

7. To ensure that the territories of the region get their fair and deserved share of the regional power and support, especially when receiving all the benefits of the above aims.

8. To maintain relations with our foreign allies and perhaps shrink the gap in power between us so that we can stand side-by-side in terms of influence.

9. To aid those in other regions who are being wrongfully oppressed, invaded or subjected to harsh authoritarian regimes, and provide any support needed.

10. To accept fascists providing they keep their racial beliefs to themselves and to severely punish those who seek to offend someone because of their ethnical background, religious views or beliefs.


The following nations are members of the MUSCAN:

Nation Rank
The People's Democratic State of RS Dynasty Distinguished
The Federation of Guandmare Distinguished
The Republic of Luthionia Meaningful contribution
The Empire of United New Prussia Standard
The United Socialist States of Minkal Standard
The Republic of Birjina Standard

Several of these nations also have a seat in the Mazerian Government. RS Dynasty and Luthionia are Cabinet Members, and Luthionia is also the Speaker of the Citizen's Assembly and the Doge of Mediterrania.

The Mazerian Liberal and Leftist CoalitionEdit

The MLLC is a coalition between the MUSCAN and the MLP (Mazerian Liberal Party), founded on the 29th of September 2013. The MLLC was a very powerful coalition, as many of its members had influential positions within Mazeria.

However, the effectiveness of the MLLC has since declined due to the growing inactivity of the MLP.

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