Here is a list of all nations currently in Mazeria, along with their leader and several other notes, and also a map of the region.

Nations of MazeriaEdit

Nation Leader Other
The Kingdom of Adurnak King Matthew I
The Republic of Aeulle Merukyzistan
The Christian Kingdom of Albicia The Bretwalda WA
The Democratic States of Appalappalappia
The Kingdom of Azelia King Aaron I +
The Federal Republic of Azerlo
The Militaristic Warband of Bandos The-Chosen-Big-High-War-God-Leader
The Empire of Boreo Empress Emilia Calloway-Astoria +
The Grand Duchy of Byrem
The Federal Republic of Byzanthaea
The Utterly Free Nation of Cotopia
The Great Socialist Republic of Crossmilch Eric Frenton +
The Iron Legion Community of Digital Atlantis The Iron Rebel
The Commonwealth of Dontgonearth
The United States of Flussia President Carter
The Federation of Fribourg-Lyrara
The Kingdom of Greater Gilboa
The Empire of Holy Star His Majesty Michael the Emperor WA
The Commonwealth of Iisiartaseirip
The Colony of Ivy Bridge
The Federation of Khorrenia King Frederick I
The Federation of Kravatya Head Leader Barlavo Nurik
The United Kingdom of Krazzie +
The New Empire of Legionica Lord Toríl
The Colony of Lima Ohio
The Republic of Luthionia President Sacul Nagrem WA +
The Free Land of Makchaka
The Republic of Mil Roman President Hugo Figola
The Divine Kingdom of Minkal King Grigory Ekel +
The Protectorate of Minkalian Military High General Rasputin WA
The Republic of Muromachi
The United Republic of Nanio
The Theocracy of New Albicia
The Kingdom of New Kapitalitopia
The Grand Duchy of Nolansburg
The Militaristic Order of Odeion General Leopold von Heind
The Kingdom of Omegastania
The People's United Cities of Pouksland President Maltoro Korpekei WA
The Kingdom of Quietania
The Kingdom of Rabelliad +
The United Kingdom of Royal Genovian States
The People's Democratic State of RS Dynasty Großmeister Chung +
The Commonwealth of Russia-Prussia
The Queendom of Skyllaria Queen Victoria
The Populate Democracy of Tannarabia Representatives Vilza and Mariari +
The Federation of The 13th District Erza +
The Grand Duchy of The Duchy of York
The Democratic Republic of The Northern Korean State
The Galactic Federation of Tyariil

WA = World Assembly Delegate, + = Nobility or Elected Official

Map of MazeriaEdit

Here is a map of Mazeria, showing where all of the above nations are placed within the region.

Map of Mazeria January '15
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