Korsa is the capital of Kravatya, located in Sveidy; the head state of the four states. Economically rich and culturally diverse, Korsa serves host for the Council of Four as well as house of Head Leader Barlavo Nurik. The city is filled with landscapes and different monuments, widely known among the touristic community.


Sveidy Kravatya

Sveidy's State Flag

During Pouksland 's Great Expansion, the territorry of Sveidy was discovered in 1382 and officially colonized on 1397. The city began to grow economically and socially until modern times. More than 30% of the entire population at the time had moved into Sveidy, but eventually lost a significant part when the other cities were founded. 


Located on the north-eastern part of Pre-Pouksland, Korsa's climate is cold and temperate. Most of the state's forests are located on alpine regions but there are some temperate woods, prominently in the eastern part of Sveidy. Snow is only reported from October to February. On summer there is reported to be rain with hail.


Korsa is the most economically powerfull state of the four states. Most businesses on Korsa are based on fishing and marine biology studies; this is due to Korsa's coastal location, although other prominent businesses include lumbering and mining.


Due to the ban of cars in Kravatya, only electircal cars and non-gasoline vehicles are allowed as transportation of Korsa. There is also a series of cannals that go through the northern part of Korsa where people can use canoes and boats for transportation.


Being the capital of Kravatya, this is the location of The Council of Four and the Central House, which acts as the government building where citizens can go for political, economical and governmental matters regarding the four states. The Council of Four is located at the center of Korsa, where each representative of each state gathers to discuss national matters.

Sveidy's representative is Barlavo Nurik , who is also the Head Leader of the federation

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Coast of Korsa.

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