Guand City

Guand City

Guand City is the largest City in Guandmare, with over 650,000,000 living in it. It also has the Parliment and Prime-Minister's Palace.


Originally the town was called Arkotzville however after the revolution it was renamed to Guand City and made the capital of the newly formed nation. It had a population of about 100,000 back then, 97,000 Guandmarians and 3,000 Arkotzans. Racial tension was extremly high in the southern wing until the police were involved after Arkotzans murdered an old man because he had Guandmarian orgins.


To the north lies the Rain Forest and mountains, to the east, wide rolling plains, and to the west and south, hills. An eviromentally beautiful area all around, and pollution is next to nothing due to the large concentration of trees to the north meaning that the usual northerly winds bring the carbon dixoxide to the tree's. So despite been the largest, it has one of the smallest pollution rates in the country. The hills are a very well known climber's practice zone as the mountains are very difficult, nearly vertical, a challenge, even for the most experienced climber. Also the river Douv runs through the centre of town, providing almost 80% of the citys water.

The Bombing
Guand City 2001

The North Block of Guand City, 2001

In 2001, The 13th Arkotzan Artillery brigade began a full bombardment of the city, killing almost 35,000 people and injuring about 63,000 with Guandmarian military casualties only at 1,450 killed and 200 injured. The entire Northern wing was hit by artillery shells for about 3 hours before the bombardment stopped. Bombers and fighters began to fly over and contiue the barrage killing a futher 2,300 civilians and 150 Soldiers. Finally it stopped, with over 38,000 casualties and 60,000 injured, along with almost 20,000 left homeless the city's population was decimated.

Racial Tensions

Ever since its foundation as the Guandmarian capital, the 3% of Arkotzan's in the city have constantly rioted in their heay ethnic sector which are the southern wing and the eastern 7th block. Police presence is high there as many of the major crimes such as, murder, rape and buglary happen in those areas. around 250 Arkotzan's are arrested a year in the city, connected with organised crime or a murder case. It is the 2nd worst city in the country for crime, however, it has begun to go down due to recent racial harmony programs that have been funded by the government.

Guandmarian Police arrest a murderer

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