Gerokav Arekivoa
2nd Prime-Minister of the Socialist States of Guandmare
Assumed office
May 22nd 2014
Vice President Sarduv Reguva
Succeded By N/A
Preeceded By Georgikov Alexi

Head of Military

From Guand City State

Assumed Office May 22nd, 2014
Personal details

Gerokav Arekivoa
27th July, 1979 (age 47)
Guand City, Guand City State
Political Party GLS

Residence Guand City, Guandmare
Religion Aethiest

At 47, Gerokav Arekivoa ( Герокаv ЯвляютсяГиvo) is the best military commander that Guandmare or Arkotza have ever known and is the 2nd Prime-Minister of Guandmare. Respected by his men for his ability to not waste their lives and his tactical ability. He is an extreme liberal who has small right wing tendencies.

Early Life (1979-1987)Edit

Arekivoa was born on the 17th of July, 1977, and grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Guand City on a small farm and was the son of Derkov and Helanov Arekivoa. He was educaed in basic primary school before he went on to high school and then University. He got a place in the Guandmarian Military Academy and passed, becoming a Lieutenant in the Guandmarian Army.

Military Career (1987-   )Edit

Arekivoa was one of the main reasons that Guandmare was able to hold during the Third Arkotzan-Guandmarian was and was responsible for the defense of Jepultipac. He was also responsible for the liberation of Guand City and the destruction of Arkotzan Armies. He continued to serve in the Guandmarian Army even once Georgikov took over, who was a close friend.

Injuries (2014)Edit

In 2014 Gerokav Arekivoa was permanatly blinded in one eye during a terrorist oragnisation know as 'The Red Eagles', then, after the atrocities at Gorbachev Checkpoint, he was burnt on one half of his face. Although he reocovered, he beared a hatred for Minkal.

Prime-Minister (2014-  )Edit

After Georgkiov Alexi's injury in the attack by the 'Defenders of Jericho' Gerokav Arekivoa assumed office as Prime-Minster and began to build up releation futher with close nations.

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