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The party was founded in 1996, before the revolution and was the main political activist group, working closely with the GSP. It remained as a small party until 2010, when its ranks swelled form 5,000 to almost 3,000,000 and then in 2011 to 5,450,000.

It know remains as the major party of Guandmare.



The GLS has many storng Socialist and Liberal policies:


  • The education system needs to be based around the child, not government guidelines.
  • Children are our future, all children need to be at school for at least 5 hours a day, and should be at school for 13 years.
  • Children with special educational needs should be catered for, to allow the to have an equal life.
  • Homosexuality should be encouraged by the schooling system and the children should learn about how everyone is the same.
  • Sex Education should be compulsary for all students aged 11-17

Civil RightsEdit

  • Gay marrige should be openly supported by the government.
  • All citizen of Guandmare should have the right to privacy.
  • All citizens of Guandmare should have the right to free speech.
  • All immigrants to Guandmare should be given an equal oportunity to suceed.
  • Immigrants to Guandmare must obey the laws and regulations set out by the government.
  • All citizens of Guandmare have the right to be treated equally.

Political RightsEdit

  • Every citizen of Guandmare has the right to vote for the Prime-Minister of Guandmare and their Parliment.
  • Every citizen of Guandmare has the right to run in political elections.
  • Every citzien in Guandmare has the right to express the ideological views peacefully.
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