"Dark Mirror" is an alternate universe to the Mazerian NS roleplay universe. Dark Mirror focuses on an alternate timeline where Pouksland becomes a religious fascist dictatorship since its independence. After a nuclear war, the continent of Mazeria becomes a battlefield between the strong supernation of Pouksland against the remnants of other Mazerian nations which have unified into the League of Mazerian Powers.

Though the story was planned but not released, the roleplay universe of Dark Mirror would be offered to admins and users of the Mazeria Forums where players assumed the identity of scientists from the original timeline sucked into the Dark Mirror universe, choosing a side and struggling to survive and return to the original universe. After the Mazeria Forums were temporarily shut down, the story of Dark Mirror would be written and set by the accounts of Maltoro Korpekei and Barlavo Nurik.

Dark Mirror Timeline Edit

Medieval times Edit

-1187: The Northern Kingdom of the Holy Fields of Graekurov arrives in Mazerian territory and settles the colony of Pouksland to increase resources to aid Graekurov in The First Kingdom Wars.

-1194, October: After being defeated in war, Graekurov demands payment from the colony of Pouksland without representation in court. The Campaign of Otroye begins.

-1198: The Coastal Massacres occur. The war of Poukslandic independence begins.

-1204: The Storming of the 2 Castles occurs.

-1210: Poukslandic warships arrive in Graekurov.

-1214: SPARKING EVENT OF DARK MIRROR: The storming of the silver palace occurs. Orelovi Drevaek orders the extermination of every Graekurovan and Pouksland is founded.

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