Dargan Bülgarov
39th President of Pouksland
Assumed office
October 12, 2013 - February 28, 2014
Vicepresident Joanna Gruevek
Personal details

Dargan Yosevik Etrayek Bülgarov
July 12th, 1959 (age 55)
Sevette, Pouksland
Political Party Pouksland National Party (PNP)

Natasha Ordara Juveya
(m. 1994-present)
Residence Tzüche, Pouksland
Alma mater Pouksland's University of Law and Political Integration
Religion Atheist
Signature Dargan sign

Dargan Yosevik Etrayek Bülgarov (Born July 12th, 1959) was the 39th president of Pouksland, preceeding Maltoro Errye Korpekei . He currently lives in Tzüche with his wife Natasha Ordara Juveya, and his daughter Rova Yuraya Bülgarov Ordara. He also served as Vice-president during Keitel Dunmock's presidential period (2000-2013), who retired after the Second Guandmarian-Arkotzan War.


Dargan Bülgarov was born in July the 12th, 1959 in Rodhuy, Sevette. Dargan was raised in a small urban area, limiting Hordvat National Forest. After finishing his basic education, he began his studies in Pouksland's University of Law and Political Integration . He graduated in 1981, and obtained his first job as lawyer in the National Court of Justice.

Eventually, through the years his job improved, and started working as a lawyer for important celebrities, polititians and even once for ex-president Doltaro Yukavok, which he won.

After 15 years of work, he began his campaign for Vice president in 1996, and won the election, in which he was placed as Vicepresident, and then succeded Keitel Dunmock.

Personal LifeEdit


Natasha Ordara, Bülgarov's wife

Dargan Bülgarov is most famous for his various campaigns and charities he has made. His most famous charity was in 2013 in which he donated half of Pouksland's money in order to rebuild Tzüche after the Arkotzan bombings during the second guandmarian-arkotzan war. He met his wife Natasha on 1991 as a work collegue and married her on August of 1994. Their daughter Rova was born on April 1st of 1997.

His interests include hunting, skiing, painting and playing the Volkaroini.

Campaign for VicepresidencyEdit

In 1995 Bülgarov had displayed a great take on politics and he was aproached by senator Keitel Dunmock, who convinced him on working on his cabinet. On February of 1996 Dunmock launched himself for president and had invited Bülgarov to help him as vicepresident. Dargan accepted and assisted Dunmock on campaigns, as well as other events for popularity. Bülgarov was elected vicepresident on the same year.

Second Arktozan-Guandmarian WarEdit

During the Second Arkotzan Guandmarian War Bülgarov was sent to the battlefield in order to assist in peace talks as well as meetings with other nations, while also assisting in combat, and ranking as Lt. Colonel. When Dunmock announced his resignation as president, Bülgarov was appointed as new president shortly after. He returned to Tzüche for the introduction ceremony and was placed in the presidential chair very quickly. However, Bülgarov's presidential period only lasted for a year, since Dunmock's period was about to end.


On February 28th, 2014 Bülgarov's presidential period ended. He plans to live with his family in Tzüche and return to his old job as a lawyer.


Bülgarov in 2014

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