Secretary of Defense Bill Hansted infront of the Senate's flag.

Bill Hansted, age 53, is married to Claire Hansted and lives in Colesin, State of Arless, Azelia. He has 3 children, two boys (ages 23 and 19) and one girl (age 21). He is the current Secretary of Defense and has been since Aaron Astoria  became President when Bill was 34. He has served as Secretary of Defense through King Aaron's presidency and his reign and now serves as the Secretary of Defense for Queen Katherine Astoria . He is known for his famous speeches, being one of the very few Secretary of Defenses to actually have a military history, being a strong royalist, a key member of the Senate.

Early LifeEdit

Bill Hansted grew up in the western city of Azelia: Greston in the State of Arless. He is the eldest child of Margret and Philip Hansted and he has four syblings: 2 brothers and 2 sisters. At the age of 9 he was at the State Primary School (Arless State Primary School) and then went onto Helens Secondry school before going to Greston High School. After High School, Bill Hansted went to Imperial University where he graduated with a degree in management, politics and history. After graduating university, he joined the military until the age of 28.

Military CareerEdit

At the age of 24, Bill joined the Royal Air Force and served as an air cadet but by the time he left, he had over 10 medals and had recieved the title of 'Crownsman' from the Queen at the time, Queen Margaret. After leaving the Royal Air Force as an Officer at the age of 30, he signed up into another military part of Azelia; The Bastion. The Bastion is the headquarters of Azelia's Military and it is the senior command of the entire 100 million strong army, 1000 ships and 2000 aircraft. 

At The Bastion, Bill enlisted as an Air Force Strategic Officer, however, after the Secretary of Defense at the time (Karlz Kenway) discovered that Bill Hansted had a poltics degree, he promoted him to an advisor of the Secretary and he learnt the grips of managing The Bastion. Things greatly changed for him when President (at the time) Aaron Astoria became President. After Aaron became President, he changed his Cabinet completely, making sure that there were people who did their job properly and without a fuss. Secretary of Defense Kenway was removed from office and Bill was made the new Secretary of Defense, a title he continues to hold. He has held it through President Aaron's two terms, King Aaron's reign (including Chancellor Lincon and Chancellor Charlotte's terms) and now serves as Secretary of Defense for Queen Katherine and Chancellor Austin.

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