Barlavo Nurik
BarlavoNurik 2
1st Head Leader of Kravatya
Assumed office
May 10, 2014
Council of Four Tomaryo Creschvo, Rava Karnati, Orhutti Beretz
Personal details

Barlavo Muraveñi Varscholad Nurik
February 4, 1948 (age 66)
Sveidy, Kravatya
Political Party None

Norkamnya Varakitsch
(m. 1977-present)
Residence Sveidy, Kravatya
Alma mater Sveidy State University
Religion Atheist
Signature Barlavo Sign

Barlavo Muraveñi Varscholad Nurik (Born February, 1948) is the first and current leader of The Federation of Kravatya . He currently lives in Sveidy with his wife, Norkamnya Varakitsch. Before Kravartya's independence he served as mayor representative of Sveidy in Pouksland's Court of Justice .


Barlavo Nurik was born in Sevette, 1948. Born into a rich family, Nurik attended high classed schools during his elementary, secondary and high education. After graduating he served as government official in Sevette for 5 years. In 1969 he moved to Sveidy where his political career increased a lot, eventually reaching the position of Sveidy's mayor representative.

In 2014 he, along with the other mayor representatives of Claur, Khulus and Zarut wrote the request for Kravan independence in order to separate the 4 cities from Pouksland . After Kravan independence, he was elected as Head Leader due to his political background and overall knowledge on governmental infrastructure.

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