The Rt. Hon. Aaron Cerebella
Aaron Cerebella
Full Name Aaron Alyec Damien Frost Montgomery Fortier Fominov Cerebella
Offices Foreign Secretary

Defence Secretary

Chief Justice

Military Stance Imperialism
Military Rank Private 1st Class

Aaron Cerebella is a Mazerian Citizen who holds a seat in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Governments of Mazeria. He is one of Mazeria's oldest citizens who has a passion for the Foreign Office and the Military and is a Mazerian Patriot. Aaron Cerebella's time in Mazeria has seen many changes, especially in his preference of roles; changing from WA Delegate to the Executive Offices and the Judicial Government. Aaron Cerebella is the current Chief Justice (3 terms), Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary, he is also the Chairman of the Imperial Conservative Party.

WA Delegacy and Ascension to PMEdit

Aaron Cerebella currently holds the record of being the longest serving WA Delegate of Mazeria; 4.5 terms. Aaron first came to the Delegacy after his friend, Thomas Calloway, announced his resignation and nominated Aaron, a nomination Aaron accepted. Aaron went on to win the elections and the next two consecutive ones, before taking a 1 term gap and then returning to the office. 

In the terms as WA Delegate, Aaron established a structure to the ministry within Mazeria and organised the Ministry. After that, he began to bring the WA Resolutions to the forums and connected the Mazerian people with the World Assembly. 

Aaron's last term as WA Delegate was cut short after his resignation, the second resignation he made as WA Delegate over the 4.5 terms. He resigned after the Prime Minister, Thomas Calloway resigned from the Office of Prime Minister, meaning that Aaron became Prime Minister. Due to his position now as Prime Minister, WA Delegate and Chief Justice, Aaron saw it fit to remove himself from WA Delegate so that he did not hold the next two offices in the line of succession.

Interim Prime MinisterEdit

Aaron Cerebella Speech

Aaron delivering his first speech as Interim-Prime Minister.

After the resignation of Prime Minister Thomas Calloway, Aaron Cerebella then became Mazeria's Prime Minister for the remainder of the term. The office of Prime Minister has never been an office Aaron has ever thought about occupying, however, when he became PM, he retained the office until the end of the term. Aaron laid out several things he wanted to get completed before the end of the remainder of the term. Allthough his state visits and treaties weren't made, the Imperial Assembly was created, the position of Defence Secretary established and several other things on his list were ticked off. After the end of the term, Aaron did not run to continue being Prime Minister and there are no signs of him intending to run for the Office in the near future.

Chief JusticeEdit

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Foreign OfficeEdit

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