Here is the composition of Mazeria's first ever government.


King Frederick I

King Frederick I, King of Mazeria

King of Mazeria: King Frederick I

Crown Prince of Mazeria: HRH Matthew Vinage-Sovetskie

Executive GovernmentEdit

Baron Drake

Baron Drake, Mazeria's first Prime Minister

Prime Minister: Baron Drake

Interior Secretary: Baron Drake

Foreign Secretary: Svea Rike (19th April-26th April); HRH Matthew Vinage-Sovetskie (26th April-19th June)

Minister for WA Affairs (WA Delegate): Thomas Calloway (17th April-19th June)

Legislative GovernmentEdit

Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly: Milroman (2nd May-19th June)

Deputy Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly: Thomas Calloway (4th May-19th June)

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